~ SENSORY AWARENESS ~ תנועה כדרך לנוכחות ~July 12 at 16:00pm until July 13 at 17:00pm


to meet the truth
of this very moment
Gets directed by
the forces of nature
Everything can be
a doorway
You only need
to welcome
to bow in front of
the deep texture of
Give yourself
to the earth
to the breathing
to the flower
to the sunrise
to the lover
You find yourself


Sensory Awareness is not another movement technique. It helps us restore our capacity to be more mindfully in the here-and-now – not only during formal meditation. It is about being present and experiencing life directly while we move and while we rest; We come to more wholeheartedly experience and respond to the living and unfolding realities of life as there are gravity, breathing, striving for balance, energy flow, touch and so on.
Through guided explorations in simple non-verbal experiments, habitual thoughts and tensions melt into the background as we become more mindfully engaged and embodied in what is happening now. We can come to rediscover a renewed and deeper sense of connection with others, ourselves and with life itself. This weekend includes indoor and outdoor activities, also experiments with partner and group settings and is mostly conducted in silence.


? How far I am ready to meet and sense life that very moment +

What happens, when we move our attention from „I am moving/sitting/standing/ walking etc.” to an exploration of natural powers, which come to unfold in our movements
? What do we meet, when our awareness clears up for the ongoing live processes within and around us even for very subtle changes


Weekend Retreat in Clil, SanghaHouse
Mashiv- Nefesh
Beginning, Friday 16h
Closure on Saturday 17h

16:00 – 18:00 Welcome and first session
18:00- 20:00 prepare and eat dinner
20:00 Evening session

~sitting meditation 30 min (optional)~

Morning sitting meditation 30 min. (optional)
08:00 breakfast
Morning sessions with tea break
13:00 Lunch
Afternoon session
16:15 Sharing Circle
Dana and Closure

Facilitator: Susanne van Kimmenade
Certificated teacher for Movement, Breathing and Sensory Awareness since 1997, since 2000 meditation practitioner, in 2007 move to Israel and involvement in Tovana and Peace building in Israel and Palestine.

Please bring with you : sheets for sleeping and your favorite protection against mosquito .

For any question
and registration:
0527406388 Sophia


~On Dana basis~

May all beings be happy and at peace


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