A PEACEFUL MIND & A COMPASSIONATE HEART – with Mukesh Gupta, 26.-28.10.2023

Thursday Morning 10:00 to Saturday Afternoon 17:00


“To love is one of the greatest things in life. And to do that, to have that sense of compassion, passion for everybody, love, you must understand yourself, you must know yourself – yourself who is in sorrow, self centered activity, lonely, miserable, frightened” –  J. Krishnamurti 


The source of most of our problems in work, life and relationships is a noisy mind which mechanically lives and reacts from its past baggage. Living with anything that is untrue or dead brings great mental and emotional suffering. A peaceful mind and a compassionate heart is what we really need to live gracefully together on this beautiful earth in these challenging times. This retreat is an invitation to uncover and awaken a source of wisdom inside us which is beyond thought. This inner wisdom can help us to see clearly what is true and what is false or non-essential in our daily life and be free from unnecessary heavy burdens that blocks the natural flow of pure joy, creativity, contentment and love.


  • This retreat offers a restful break, a pause for the mind, body and heart that is essential as a foundation for deep learning and transformation. It will provide the condition for creating, all along our journey together, a meditative state of mind essential for a serious inner enquiry.
  • The intention is not to fill our minds with intellectual knowledge but to awaken the profound source of being within, so that we get inspired to live our everyday life from the wellspring of inner stillness.
  • Inspiring live talks
  • Exercises in a one-to-one setting and small group exchanges. 
  • Meditations and meditative walks in nature.


The retreat offers a safe, serious and caring space to discover ourselves, meet our deep essence and look at our whole life in a fresh, creative way, whether we are a seeker, a mindfulness practitioner, a coach, a therapist, an artist, a teacher, a professional from any field, a leader, a change-maker, a parent or simply a student of life. 


MUKESH GUPTA is a worldwide frequently invited speaker and a traveling educator from India for self-inquiry and dialogue based retreats, workshops and seminars. He has been on this transformative journey for two and a half decades and is inspired by J. Krishnamurti, Buddha, non-dual teachings and current research in brain, mind and consciousness. He has been offering retreats in Israel for the last one decade and has conducted over two hundred retreats and seminars globally. He was at the Krishnamurti Retreat Centre in Varanasi, India for two decades. During his long experience of working with students, teachers and professionals from all over the globe, he developed a "Meditative & Transformative Self-Inquiry" approach which is primarily based on the exploration of existential questions from a still, non-reactive mind and compassionate attentive presence. He believes that a non-authoritarian leisurely/unhurried process of dialogue having a certain quality of affection, listening and awareness is essential to bring inner transformation and establish peace, harmony and joy in one’s daily existence and society. He is the founder of the School for Self- Inquiry.  www.schoolforselfinquiry.org


Information about sleeping arrangements and our house kitchen you do find here.

The retreat and the teachings are offered on a dana-basis – a donation from the generosity of the heart to support the retreat centre as well as the teacher. 

You can already register as interested in the Retreat

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The number of places is limited to twenty.

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