Retreat in the spirit of Krishnamurti with Mukesh Gupta from Varanasi, India 21-23.10.2021


Retreat in the spirit of Krishnamurti

with Mukesh Guptafrom India, Varanasi

"Choiceless Awareness and Inner Peace"

Thursday, 21.10 at 10 am to Saturday 23.10 at 5 pm

"Only choiceless awareness can lead to non-duality, to the reconciliation of opposites in a total understanding and total love." – Aldous Huxley In The foreword to The First and Last Freedom


Choiceless awareness, also called effortless awareness, is at the heart of J.Krishnamurti’s teachings. The pragmatic experimental aspects of the teachings are contained in it and it may be the most direct approach to the art of living. The deep understanding and living of this awareness effortlessly results in the inner peace, harmony and love.


  • What is Choiceless Awareness and how it is directly related to the awakening of a holistic intelligence free from the limitations of our conditioning and of our feeling of separateness?
  • What is its relasionship with pure observation, attention and a peaceful mind?
  • Can it be practised in our daily life?
  • And many more questions which would emerge during our shared journey of explorations.


In this retreat, set in a quiet beautiful village, we are going to explore as friends and co-travellers fundamental question of our day-to-day life in a relaxed and affectionate atmosphere. The daily schedule will include short introductory talks, meditative dialogues, silent observation, walks in nature, and meditation. The primary intention is that our entire day becomes a meditative process by taking a complete break and allow our minds and hearts to deeply rest, breathe, rejuvenate and open up for the unknown…


Mukesh Gupta from Varanasi, India is going to facilitate this retreat. He is an international speaker and regularly facilitates self-inquiry based retreats, workshops and dialogues inspired by the teachings of J. Krishnamurti. He sees that a deep non-authoritarian meditative process of self-inquiry, based on love, listening and looking from a quiet mind and heart, is essential to establish peace and harmony in one’s daily existence and society. His website:

Limited space for 20 partcipants!

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