Zen Meditation and Sensory Awareness With Daniel Stambler and Susanne van Kimmenade 15-17.10.2020

Mashiv Nefesh and the Jerusalem Zen Center invite you to a unique retreat opportunity to develop and deepen your meditation practice and experience Sensory Awareness practice.

Both, buddhist practise and Sensory Awareness practise aim at realising our true nature and living in harmony with all things.

In this weekend retreat we will develop such awareness using various practices including sitting, walking meditation and Dharma talks as well as simple sensory experiments with movement, voice and touch to help us become more deeply attuned and responsive to the felt sensations and dynamics of gravity, breathing, balance, energy, movement and relationships with all kind of living beings and processes.

We will work indoors and also in the garden of the Mashiv Nefesh Center and will go out for walks in the beauty landscape of Clil hills and wadis.

Instruction will be given throughout the retreat.

The retreat will be mainly a silent retreat, teachings in English and some sharing within the SA sessions. Both beginning and experienced students are welcome.

The retreat is given on Dana basis.

Daniel Stambler is the co-founder and teacher of the https://jerusalemzencenter.org/ He has trained in Buddhist monasteries in Asia and the West, and received training in the Soto and Rinzai Zen traditions. He has a Ph.D. from Tel Aviv University on contemporary Buddhism, lives in Jerusalem with his three children.

Susanne van Kimmenade studied Movement Awareness during the nineties in Germany and is acknowledged by the Sensory Awareness Foundation as a leader for SA, she has practised meditation within the Theravada tradition for 20 years and lives with her family and the Mashv Nefesh community in Clil.

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